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The Information Snowball

In a world where Sales tech has exploded, data is abundant, tech stacks are flourishing, revenue operations is taking off, and SDR positions are one of the most unfilled positions in a company especially across B2B SaaS, the question still stands:

"How does an SDR differentiate themselves from the other sellers trying to reach their prospect?"

This book is a treatise on a skill many SDR's lack and that can be one of the best ways to instantly increase quota attainment: account-based pain discovery. Many books and training exercises have been devised to try to radicalize prospecting, and time tested strategies will oftentimes remain important parts of how you handle a phone call to get the pain information you need to drive a deal into creation or move it toward fruition.


But these methodologies often skip a rather important part despite their ability to show how to lead a prospect toward "interest" - and that is how to use the information that you gain in order to expand conversations with others across the company they work for. Multi-threading a deal creates higher deal velocity, deal sizes go up, buy-in is easier when the deal trails to the Executive Sponsor, and the reps that win are the ones that come armed with information.


Knowledge really is power and there are lots of ways to gain that knowledge, so rather than try to tackle a holistic methodology that replaces any of the other methodologies that have been time tested and proven to produce revenue through prospecting, this book "Information Snowball" will aim to share overarching insights as to how sellers can, with any methodology they prefer, get into the heart of an account's problems, sing them the sales lullaby that wins their hearts, and do it with less effort.

Launching in Summer 2024.

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